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C&C Hydraulics can now offer the PV-3 and PV-4 proportional control valves from Youli, Proportional control valves or electric proportional control valves provide variable control of flow, pressure or direction in response to an electrical input signal. Designed and built to meet the unique needs of even the most demanding application both models of valve offer a wide range of spools and control options and give a high level of accuracy when controlling either hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic motors.

The valve sections are completely interchangeable with the Danfoss PVG range so offer an economic option for servicing the valves.

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Proportional valves PV-3

  • PV-3 is designed for maximum flexibility. Proven PV technology that saves you time. No matter which combination of valves is specified, the compact, external dimensions of the valve remain unchanged. Advanced electronic control can be achieved with our PVE electrohydraulic actuators.
    • OEM and machine benefits

      • Modular design, providing a wide range of configuration possibilities
      • Load-independent flow control for precise operation and improved productivity
      • Load-sensing technology for higher efficiency, safety, reduced energy consumption, and longer system life
  • Product features

    • Configurable as advanced electrically controlled proportional valve as well as load sensing directional control valve
    • Prevention against work port pressure build up
    • Individual work port pressure setting
    • Zero-leakage work modules
    • Open center and closed center versions available
    • Modular design


By using PVG load-sensing technology in combination with a variable displacement pump, it’s possible to achieve a significant reduction in energy loss. PVG valves also reduce heat generation and increase efficiency and power density, which helps OEMs to meet the challenges posed by new diesel engine emissions legislation.


The PV valves are used across a wide range of industry sectors including road transport, materials handling, agriculture, public works / utilities, marine and industrial. The type of machines using this valve technology are vehicle mounted cranes, excavators, hedge trimmers, tele handlers, tractors, wheeled loaders and forklifts.

Fully remote controlled Hydraulic Cheese Wedge System

Fully remote controlled Hydraulic Cheese Wedge System

Fully remote controlled Hydraulic Cheese Wedge SystemThe system has been designed to make both installation and setting up as quick and as simple as possible for the body builder. The modular construction sectional valve allows all the geometric and speed controls to be assembled in the same block so saving time remote mounting in line valves and making adjustments during the setting up process making it a one man operation. All the electric coils have been specified with Deutsch connectors giving an IP69K rating against water ingress and vibration.



Fully remote controlled Hydraulic Cheese Wedge SystemFully remote controlled Hydraulic Cheese Wedge SystemThe remote control system comes with a fully comprehensive wiring loom with the male Deutsch connector and all cables are numbered to go with the corresponding coil on the valve ( see drawings below ) this in effect create a plug and play set up again saving time for the installer.


Fully remote controlled Hydraulic Cheese Wedge SystemFinally the end user gets the benefit of being able to operate the folding ramps with full visibility during the opening and closing cycles so making it safer and more comfortable.

Fully remote controlled Hydraulic Cheese Wedge SystemFully remote controlled Hydraulic Cheese Wedge SystemFully remote controlled Hydraulic Cheese Wedge System

ICP (Intelligent Creative Products) Appoint C&C as UK Distributor.

C&C Hydraulics have been appointed UK Distributor for ICP. Based in Holten, Netherlands.


ICP offer a wide range of electronic hand controls which perfectly complements C&C’s diverse range of hydraulic equipment.



As well as remote controls, electronic control systems, input devices and sensors ICP can provide a Blue Tooth application and receiver device which allows the control of many different hydraulic applications via a smart phone or tablet.