Electrically driven mobile hopper tipper Blickle

C&C Hydraulics have designed and produced a totally bespoke materials handling device for Liberty Steels to enable them to safely and efficiently move high value steel ingots from one process to another within their foundry.

The device was designed using the latest 3D CAD software allowing us to simulate the working conditions the machine had to meet prior to its production. Because of the very bespoke nature of the product we also used our inhouse 3D printing facility to produce the covers for the hydraulic power pack and battery / charger area and also to produce special guards to help protect the electric drive system.

The  ERGOMOVE electric drive system was supplied by Blickle and has a 1,000 kg capacity and is supplied as a plug and play system with integrated batteries. The ERGOMOVE system allows the operator to both safely and accurately manoeuvre the device into position.

 The hydraulic power pack and cylinders control the lifting and tipping function allowing the operator to collect the hopper and deposit the steel ingots into the process giving full control throughout.

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