Icarus Blue app-controlled receiver


Don't struggle with wired and/or complex controls that are complicated to operate and not individually adaptable!
With the ICARUS Blue the solution is already in your reach.icarus-blue-unit

What is ICARUS blue?
ICARUS blue is an app controlled receiver with Bluetooth wireless technology! ICARUS blue allows you to control a wide variety of hydraulic applications, electric motors, lighting and much more, uncomplicated and individually with your smart-phone or tablet.
Reliable, safe and cost-effective!

Technical specifications

  • Safe connection using Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Working area approx. 30m
  • 4 outputs (3.7A, nominal 4.7A each)
  • Compact and sturdy design (IP66)
  • Supply voltage 9-36Vdc = 10A (Voltage visible in app)
  • Individual control of the 4 separate outputs
  • Various time and security features can be configured
  • Free App (multilingual) for Android and IOS
  • Up to 24 receivers per smartphone / tablet

Simple and ingenious!
Whether industrial or home users - ICARUS blue is suitable for everyone. Easy to connect, configure and operate. Everything is included so that you can start right away.

All details can be found at:



We are happy to announce a powerful new feature for the ICARUS blue R-Series app, which enables the user to see the current status of the inputs and outputs LIVE at any time!

By adding this feature we not only make bidirectional communication visible to everyone, but also create new possibilities for a wide range of applications.