Hydraulic Hinge Systems – Hydra Hinge

C&C Hydraulics have developed 2 hydraulically driven hinge systems these can be used to open and close roofs and doors on mobile or static applications.

The first and simplest system is the Hydra Hinge which uses a heavy duty hydraulic motor with an integral disk brake and dual counter balance valve, this drives the hinge system directly via a drive flange, the advantage of this system is it's low cost and it's simplicity and time taken to install. The system can be powered by an existing hydraulic supply from either a tractor or PTO pump or we can supply a dedicated power pack with a blue tooth remote control system which has been preconfigured and comes prewired with a potted junction box.

The second system is the Hydra Hinge 2 this uses a powerful thru rod cylinders and duplex chain to drive the hinge system, this is an offset drive with the cylinders being mounted inboard, see attached layout drawings. Again dual counterbalance valves are used to provide geometric control and lock down and the system can be driven by an existing hydraulic supply or by a our dedicated power pack and blue tooth control.
For further information please contact sales@nullcchydraulics.co.uk

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