Micro Power Pack with Double Acting Functionality

C&C Hydraulics can now offer a new range of micro 12 & 24 volt DC power packs with double acting functionality.

These power packs are much more compact than traditional DC power packs allowing them to be installed into tight spaces, they are also lighter so offer a weight saving. This range of power packs utilises the Cetop 2 directional valve mounted directly onto the centre block keeping the product modular and allowing it to be easily configured.

We can offer a range of vertical and horizontal mount plastic oil tanks from 1L – 3L and a range gear pumps starting at 0.25cc / rev through to 0.8cc / rev so can vary the build to suit the application.

View PDF – ybz5-e0_8z1t4-uvxat1

View PDF – ybz5-e0_8z2t4-uvxat1