Wheelie Bin Compactor (WBHC-1)

As more local authorities are pushed to save money the weekly collections will become a thing of the past leading to bi weekly collections becoming common place. This in turn will make it difficult for some families to get their regular domestic waste into a standard wheelie bin leading to over-flowing bins which is unsightly and has potential to attract vermin and is generally not good for the environment.

C & C Hydraulics have now designed a simple solution to help keep the waste in your wheelie bins under control.

The WBHC-1 is a hydraulic compactor which utilises the latest hand pump technology to allow up to 1000KG of thrust to be applied directly into your wheelie bin. This has the effect of reducing the volume of waste by 3:1, the unit requires no power so can be used in any location ad is simple and safe to use.

The compactor is supplied in a flat pack format and takes approximately 20 minutes to assemble.

  • Black Powder Coated Finish
  • Simple to use no power required
  • 3:1 reduction in waste volume
  • Weight 65Kg
  • 10 seconds on average cycle time
  • Optional security bar to prevent bin theft
wheelie bin compactor