Power tool driven hydraulic pump systems

The new power tool driven hydraulic pump systems from C&C Hydraulics have been developed to allow a more comfortable, convenient and cost effective solution to generating hydraulic power on a multitude of applications.

The product fits neatly in between the manual hand pumps and electrically driven power packs we already supply and offers the simplicity of the hand pump with no cables or batteries and the effortlessness of being able to press a switch to generate hydraulic power.

We can offer a variety of solutions to suit many applications, we have a comprehensive range micro gear pumps and a broad range of oil tanks. The systems can be supplied either single acting or double acting and can generate pressures of up to 250 bar.

For more detailed information please contact our sales team on sales@nullcchydraulics.co.uk

Power tool driven hydraulic pump systems

ICARUS blue – Live status of inputs and outputs in smartphone app


We are happy to announce a powerful new feature for the ICARUS blue R-Series app, which enables the user to see the current status of the inputs and outputs LIVE at any time!

By adding this feature we not only make bidirectional communication visible to everyone, but also create new possibilities for a wide range of applications.

In A Box systems

In today's world where productivity and efficiency are key to running a successful company any edge a company get gain is welcome.

C&C Hydraulics have developed a range of power packs that are supplied fully assembled and tested in a box ready to go.

There are currently 2 systems available one 0.8kw with double acting functions which is wired to a blue tooth remote control but also comes with a manual toggle switch override.

The box is made from a powder coated aluminium pressed chassis and a vacuum formed plastic cover which allows for quick and easy access.

The hydraulic connections are made through the base of the chassis via ¼ BSP bulkhead fittings and the battery connection is made via an Anderson plug again through the base.

For further information on these products please contact our sales team