Environmental Commitment

 Resource Efficient Business (REBiz)At C&C Hydraulics we believe in playing our part in protecting our environment and reducing emissions.

As part of this principle we have enacted various upgrades to the way we operate our company.

All lighting inside the factory and offices is LED and we now use infrared heaters instead of gas, our new forklift and hydraulic lifters are all electric instead of gas and to complete the project we have just installed a 53KW solar system which will reduce the companies carbon output by an estimated 9 tons per year.

Solar Panels
53KW solar system

New 3.5T Tipper kit

The new 3.5T tipper kit is now more comprehensive than our previous kit and is supplied with the following components:

  • 4 stage telescopic cylinder with zinc plated outer tube
  • 12vDC power pack pre wired 2 button control & plastic cover for the electric motor
  • Pre assembled RH & LH cast steel rear hinge assemblies
  • Lower mounting bracket
  • Upper mounting bracket
  • Hose kit

Both the telescopic cylinder and power pack are more compact than the previous design so saving both space and weight.

Please see attached the data sheets which show the mounting information and the full BOM

Hydraulic Hinge Systems – Hydra Hinge

C&C Hydraulics have developed 2 hydraulically driven hinge systems these can be used to open and close roofs and doors on mobile or static applications.

The first and simplest system is the Hydra Hinge which uses a heavy duty hydraulic motor with an integral disk brake and dual counter balance valve, this drives the hinge system directly via a drive flange, the advantage of this system is it's low cost and it's simplicity and time taken to install. The system can be powered by an existing hydraulic supply from either a tractor or PTO pump or we can supply a dedicated power pack with a blue tooth remote control system which has been preconfigured and comes prewired with a potted junction box.

The second system is the Hydra Hinge 2 this uses a powerful thru rod cylinders and duplex chain to drive the hinge system, this is an offset drive with the cylinders being mounted inboard, see attached layout drawings. Again dual counterbalance valves are used to provide geometric control and lock down and the system can be driven by an existing hydraulic supply or by a our dedicated power pack and blue tooth control.
For further information please contact sales@nullcchydraulics.co.uk

Complete hydraulic beaver tail ramp system

C&C Hydraulics can now offer complete hydraulic beavertail systems for plant carrying trailers and commercial vehicles.
The hydraulic cylinder rods are produced from 431 stainless steel to prevent corrosion whilst travelling extended, the system can be operated by manual lever control valves or by blue tooth remote control.
There are 2 main systems available, the first is the traditional vertical beavertail system where the ramps rotate from a 90 degree position down to ground level, the second is the cheese wedge style beavertail where the ramps fold down level to the body of the vehicle so reducing drag on the vehicle while driving and also creating a larger platform area to load.
For more information please contact sales@nullcchydraulics.co.uk


hydraulic auto spa cover

New Auto Spa Cover System

The first auto cover system installed on a 6m long Riptide swim spa is now commissioned and fully operational, the client has stated “ it has changed the way I use my swim spa, it is now so easy and quick to open and close the cover I can take a swim before I go work in the morning”

The new auto spa cover system has been designed and manufactured in the UK by C&C Hydraulics for more information on this revolutionary product please contact sales@nullcchydraulics.co.uk or call us on 01535 617880

Electrically driven mobile hopper tipper Blickle

C&C Hydraulics have designed and produced a totally bespoke materials handling device for Liberty Steels to enable them to safely and efficiently move high value steel ingots from one process to another within their foundry.

The device was designed using the latest 3D CAD software allowing us to simulate the working conditions the machine had to meet prior to its production. Because of the very bespoke nature of the product we also used our inhouse 3D printing facility to produce the covers for the hydraulic power pack and battery / charger area and also to produce special guards to help protect the electric drive system.

The  ERGOMOVE electric drive system was supplied by Blickle and has a 1,000 kg capacity and is supplied as a plug and play system with integrated batteries. The ERGOMOVE system allows the operator to both safely and accurately manoeuvre the device into position.

 The hydraulic power pack and cylinders control the lifting and tipping function allowing the operator to collect the hopper and deposit the steel ingots into the process giving full control throughout.