240v single phase power packs

In addition to the 12vDC & 24vDC range of YBZ6 power packs we can now offer a 240v single phase option from stock which has the same flexibility.

The power pack comes as standard with a 1.5KW electric motor S1 rated and with a 2.1cc pump and 6L oil tank but can be quickly and easily reconfigured with different pump sizes and oil tank sizes and different circuit options.

With prices starting from £158.00 these are the most competitive single power packs on the market.

EZ Cover system launched at Spatex 2019

The EZ Cover system was launched at Spatex 2019 this week and was widely acclaimed to be one of the most innovative new products at the event generating a lot of interest right across the spa pool industry.

The EZ cover is highly differentiated from its peers offering a convenient, safe and efficient system for opening and closing the cover on a spa pool.