Crop Sprayer Hydraulic Cylinder Development

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crop-sprayer-1We have supplied equipment into the agricultural sector for 20 years and working alongside our customers have developed a range of products that provide solutions helping to resolve problems encountered on certain applications.


As farming has become more intensive the machinery being used has grown larger in size, this has created problems both in terms of structural stability and operator comfort, crop sprayers are one example of where our technology has helped our customers improve their products performance.

crop-sprayer-2Synchronised telescopic cylinders for boom lift and height control, these are constant velocity telescopic cylinders that also work at a constant pressure. This allows the mast to be positioned more accurately by the operator and the pressure of the accumulator pre set to create the correct cushioned effect. The telescopic method also removes the need for a more complex pulley system and reduces the maintenance in this area.
At 36 meters wide and weighing up to 1500kg the spraying boom is an awkward component to handle. The momentum that can be generated in the boom when the crop sprayer is turning is huge, causing the whole machine to jerk and imposing excessive forces through the pivot points. For this we use our double cushion cylinder acting as the main boom fold.


Over time this creates fatigue and eventually failure, the double cushion cylinder is designed to absorb these forces therefore the operator can sit in comfort even while turning the machine around, potential energy being generated during this operation is absorbed by the cylinder / hydraulic system so protecting the main pivot points.

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