Mobile Platform Hydraulic Cylinder Development

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We have supplied equipment into the access industry for 20 years and working alongside our customers have developed a range of products that provide solutions helping to resolve problems encountered on certain applications.


mobile-1We were approached by a new customer HLS who were developing a new mobile platform for carrying out maintenance work and for picking products in a
warehouse environment. They had tried using traditional telescopic cylinders in their lifting column but had found them to be difficult to control as the speed varied as the cylinder extended and retracted during the lowering cycle the landing was hard causing operator discomfort.


mobile-2C & C Hydraulics were tasked with developing a cylinder that would resolve these two issues, the solution was to develop a synchronised telescopic cylinder with internal cushioning built into the base section. Working closely with HLS the product was first drawn in 3D CAD as a working model to verify that it would fit inside the column and then prototype versions were produced and tested rigorously to ensure that the final product complied fully with the relevant legislation.


The platform named Hugo is now used widely across a number of industry sectors and has recently been approved for operation at national railway installations.

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